Adult Day Care
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Adult Day Care is a program designed to allow your loved one to be at a safer and more socially stimulating environment than  when left all alone at home.
Adult Day Care provides a day full of enjoyment
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At nursetel Adult Day Care,

Everyone is welcomed to attend!
Through the Adult Day Care Center, nursetel has created a community which provides  a new way for adults to be cared for while enjoying interaction with fellow people within their age group, those who share similar experiences and engaging in socially stimulating activities together.

Join the Fun!
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Come enjoy our Adult Day Care Center right here in our community!

We offer our members lots of exciting activities and experiences within the center.

We serve adults with a variety of conditions that range from memory care like dementia and alzheimers to loneliness and fall risks when at home alone.

The nursetel adult day care center gives their permanent caregivers a chance for a needed break while placing them in the care of experienced professionals.

Nursetel Professional Staff!
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Our caring staff are trained in a variety of conditions people face as they age.  The main goal of the center is to provide a customized experience where every member will enjoy activities and communication that interest them. There is no one shoe fits all solution to Excellence in Day Care 

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nursetel Adult Day Care offers an innovative inclusive approach to health.

We believe in the patient centered model of care and take every effort to ensure our members receive both an enjoyable experience and a mentally stimulating day.

We believe inactively engaging our members to their individual capacity. Engaging through communication and condition relevant activities.

More Affordable than alternate Solutions for Senior Care !
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nursetel Adult Day Care Center is set up to provide all people of diverse backgrounds with a day full of activities that they care about.  Our caregivers are trained to engage and communicate with members of differing interests and backgrounds and varying levels of cognitive ability.